Welcome to the pleasure
of the best cocoa



Did you know that cocoa beans grow
on a tropical plant?

It is called Theobroma Cacao and it needs
an average temperature
of 27C.
The seeds of this plant are fermented and dried
to produce cocoa beans.


A secret recipe
formulated with the best cocoa

Cacaolat cocoa comes
from plantations
in the Ivory Coast
and West Africa.


No all cocoa is the same

There are three types of cocoa: Criollo,
Trinitario and Forasteiro.
Cacaolat is
made with Forasteiro, which has the best
characteristics and which is faithful to the original used in 1933.


30 coffee beans
per pod

The fruit of Theobroma Cacao
is a berry known
as a pod
which becomes red or yellow when ripe.


From the bean to the
unique flavour of Cacaolat

The clean, dry beans are shelled,
toasted and ground
into a paste
lfrom which the cocoa powder is
A mixture of different types
of cocoa
gives Cacaolat its unique flavour.

The unique pleasure
of the best cocoa

The formula that has been
kept secret since 1933,
to ensure you can enjoy
the genuine pleasure of Cacaolat you have always loved.



There’s a size and shape for every occasion.
Which one is right for you?

  • 200 ml

    In a bar

  • 1 litre

    At home

  • 200 ml


  • 200 ml


Made with the best cocoa

Cacaolat is made with high quality ingredients and the finest cocoa beans.
With a secret formula, it has kept its unique flavour since 1933.

  • Secret formula

  • The finest cocoa

  • Gluten free

Cacaolat all year round

To enjoy Cacaolat at its best, shake the bottle well.
Serve hot in winter and well chilled in summer.

  • #HotCacaolat

  • #ColdCacaolat

It doesn't matter what you take out,
it’s what you leave behind that counts

Ideal for people who take care
of themselves
and enjoy the unique
taste of Cacaolat.
Now, lactose free.



Choose your format.
There's a shape and size for everyone!

  • 200 ml

    In a bar

  • 1 L

    At home

  • 200 ml


All the flavour of Cacaolat,
now zero style


New Cacaolat Mocca.
Contains all the cocoa you love with a touch of coffee
to keep enjoying what you like best.


Enjoy it whenever
and wherever you choose

  • 200 ml


  • 200 ml



The pleasure of the finest cocoa,
with a touch of coffee

With Cacaolat you can keep doing
the things you love the most

  • Cocoa

  • Coffee


New Cacaolat Noir. A selected and balanced combination
of intense cocoa flavours made by nib (cocoa bean) infusion.


Fulfil your darkest desire

  • 200 ml


  • 200 ml



A unique aroma thanks
to the infusion of nibs

We have selected the purest cocoas from the best plantations to create a unique recipe.
The first shake made from an infusion of nibs (cocoa beans), where the aromas
are extracted, like with tea, and this infusion is then added to the shake.
This careful process enhances the aromatic intensity and gives Cacaolat Noir
slightly bitter notes, bolstering the personality of the selected cocoas.


An irresistible recipe created
in conjunction with Oriol Balaguer

The prestigious master pastry chef Oriol Balaguer has selected the best cocoas
to create a unique formula that will seduce the most demanding palates.


of wood and husk, creating
fresh fruity notes and a reminder
of toasted chocolate.


refined toasted
notes and a sophisticated bitter
and intense touch.

  1. Learn our history

    Travel back through time on a delicious
    journey through the history of Cacaolat

  2. It all started in Budapest

    Marc was served a milk and cocoa drink at a wedding in Budapest. He had the brainwave of producing a delicious drink,.

  3. Cacaolat is born

    The world’s first bottled milkshake is created in the small Letona dairy plant. His formula has been kept secret since then.

  4. Pepi appears

    A brand image that has symbolised the product
    from the start was born:
    an athletic boy carrying a satchel
    and an enormous bottle of Cacaolat .

  5. Public presentation

    Cacaolat was launched for the first time
    at the 6th Fira de Mostres in Barcelona
    and was a great success.

  6. The return of Cacaolat

    After a 15-year break,
    cocoa supplies were restored.

  7. The number one food

    In the fifties, Cacaolat always appeared
    with its motto “The number one food”.

  8. Cold or hot?

    Cacaolat can be drunk hot
    in winter and cold in summer.

  9. Supporting athletes

    For almost 20 years, Cacaolat
    sponsored national sports.

  10. We expand the factory

    We grew out of our factory at no. 5 Pujades. The solution:
    a new factory at no. 25 in the same street.

  11. The No. 1

    For the first time, Pepi appears as
    a flesh and blood character.

  12. Building the brand

    Pepi’s image was refined and the labels were redesigned.

  13. The Children's Show

    Since 1982, Cacaolat has had an active role in the event
    organised by Fira de Barcelona at Christmas.

  14. An award for our image

    Cacaolat receives the 7th Tanit Trophy for the best brand image.

  15. We adopt Snowflake

    Cacaolat adopts Snowflake the albino gorilla

  16. A Warhol-based poster

    Designers Ibon Zugasti and Iñigo Beldarrain
    created an Andy Warhol style poster.

  17. 65th Anniversary

    Cacaolat celebrates its 65th birthday with a lithograph
    by artist Josep Maria Subirachs.

  18. We join Facebook!

    Cacaolat becomes more sociable than ever
    with its Facebook page.

  19. Happy 80th birthday, Cacaolat!

    Cacaolat presents a new packaging line as a tribute
    to the first Cacaolat bottle in 1933.

  20. On the move!

    Cacaolat moves to a new plant
    in Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

  21. Cacaolat 0% launch

  22. Hot Cacaolat

  23. We add to family with Cacaolat Upp!

  24. Mocca. A cool pleasure

  25. #WantMore