Cacaolat also informs Users of the possible placing of cookies throughout browsing in Users’ computers, so that by browsing the websites it might become possible to recognize automatically, among others, the IP address of the User’s computer and other possible browsing data. The use of cookies shall be solely for the purpose of maintaining the browsing session. They do not store personal data stored under any circumstances. If Users do not wish to accept cookies, they should eliminate this possibility in their browser’s User options. However, Cacaolat does not accept liability for any irregularities that failure to accept cookies may generate while browsing on its websites.

    To facilitate understanding of these mechanisms, below we provide a description of the different types of cookies used, both those for which we require your consent and those necessary for the basic operation of the WEBSITE:

  • 1Technical cookies: these cookies are necessary and are used strictly to allow you to browse the WEBSITE. Cookies of this type include, for example, those used to log in with your user data in order to monitor the data entered by the USER when completing forms online, or those necessary to manage the statistics of the WEBSITE.
  • 2Cookies managed by third parties for the personalization of advertising spaces or the use of Social Plugins: these cookies allow us to adapt the different advertising sections that may appear on the WEBSITE according to your tastes and interests so as to personalize the web environment as much as possible in line with your specific characteristics.

In particular, the following cookies are used for browsing the WEBSITE:





Google Analytics cookie: it generates a unique user ID which is used to count how many times a user visits the website.

Persistent cookie: 2 years.


Google Analytics cookie: it calculates when a session has ended.

Expires 30 minutes after the last timestamp.

You can modify your browser settings for managing cookies, so that if you have opted for automatic acceptance of cookies by your browser, the WEBSITE will identify the chosen setting in order to inform you again of this aspect and ask for your express authorization.

The different options concerning cookies can be seen on your browser: basic functions, website improvements, personalization, advertising, etc. Depending on the browser that the USER is using, the way to disable cookies may vary. The most common option is to do so using the Options or Tools menu.

The COMPANY uses advertising cookies managed by third parties for the purpose of promoting products both on the WEBSITE and on other websites that do not belong to the COMPANY. To disable cookies managed by third parties, you may do so through their cookie management sites such as Adobe Flash or Google Analytics.

If the USER disables cookies, he or she might be no longer able to use certain parts or sections of the WEBSITE. Finally, we remind the USER that if cookies are eliminated from the browser, it is likely that they will have to be re-installed.

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